With more than 25 years of experience in planning, producing and providing entertainment for musical and theater venues, I published a comprehensive and easy to understand how-to guide entitled “TOTAL ENTERTAINMENT PACKAGE.”

A start-up guide for the new promoter; this package explains how to set-up musical concerts and theatrical productions, and includes information on scheduling coordinating, and booking events.

I developed and refined the Total Entertainment Package over a number of years.  Through the process of trial and error, I learned what methods work best and what forms are most useful to maximize success.  Within this package you will find, answers to questions and, solutions to many problems that I learned the “hard way”.

My book highlights:

Planning        Scheduling    Coordinating Booking and Promoting Concerts            

Arranging and Facilitating Theatrical Productions

Coordinating Cultural Enrichment Programs

Some of my shows have consisted of:

Contemporary           Classic Soul               Reggae                       Gospel

New Contemporary              Jazz                 Disco / Dance

Latin               Blues              1950’s / 1960’s                       Funk

Music Packages                    MC’s Comedian / Variety


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