Motivational Speaking


Encouraged by my life’s challenges and triumphs, I am committed to inspiring my audience to, take charge and spread their wings.  My content is rich; delivery is natural, passionate, and engaging.  I consider myself to be one of the foremost speakers on self-esteem and positive thought.  My audiences have consists of:

Basketball Camps    Sports Banquets        Schools

Banquets                    Churches


My speeches concentrate on:


            Topics                                                                        Other Topics

Self-Esteem                                                               It’s a Business (Entertainment)

Image Building                                                         I Want to Run for Public Office


Available on CD, “The World is in your Hands “Inspirational Words of Wisdom for Your Spirit”, authored by Richard H. Utley, is available at Mr. Mike’s Records; 27 South 3rd Street; Harrisburg, PA  17101 or charge by phone (717) 234-3181.



“Before you think you have done it all – remember that we all stand on tall and mighty shoulders.  No matter how strong you think you are or how much you think you have contributed, think again.  Yesterday’s shoulders are the ones that bear the weight of our success and we must be strong enough to bear the weight of those who come after us.”

Richard H. Utley


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